includes sales and maintenance of a full line of portable and fixed system fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, engineered fire suppression systems, fire alarm systems, and fire detection and control products and systems. FDTI aims to provide unique service levels to our customers by continuously improving our ability to assess and surpass their needs.
Offerings :
Design and Engineering of
(a) Analogue addressable intelligent fire detection and alarm system.
(b) Gas based extinguishing system i.e.
(i) CO2 system
(ii) Clean agent NAFS III & FM-200 As per NFPA-2001
(iii) Halon system
(c) Water based fire protection system Viz.
1. Hydrant system 0
2. MVW/HVW Spray system
3. Foam system
4. Water mist System

Procurement assistance for all the equipments meeting stringent specification and quality requirement – indigenous as well as imported can be provided. We can meet the requirements at best and reasonable price.

Erection assistance for timely and quality installation of various fire detection and protection system.
Tariff advisory committee and other statutory approval assistance.
We offer maintenance of :
All types of intelligent analogue addressable and soft addressing fire alarm systems
All type of conventional fire alarm systems
All gaseous suppression systems like CO2, FM200 and many more such systems.
Dry and wet type sprinkler systems
Hose reels, wet and dry risers
Water spray systems, foam systems and wet chemical suppression systems
Fire fighting pumps
Testing and refilling fire extinguishers